Student Statistics

The MPA program strives to attract a strong and diverse group of students. Top candidates for each entering class have excellent grades and GRE scores, as well as a commitment to public service. The MPA program has a long-standing commitment to public service education for members of historically underrepresented minority groups.

Most MPA students have completed undergraduate majors in the social sciences, especially political science and economics, but some have majored in architecture, business administration, engineering, English, French, history, industrial relations, and music, among other fields. In short, each class brings together students with a variety of backgrounds.

2016-17 Entering Class



Number of applicants: 79 210
Size of entering class: 23 65
Percent men: 35% 49%
Percent women: 65% 51%
Minority students: 22% 23%
North Carolina residents: 65% 48%
Work experience:    
>5 years 4% 39%
2 - 5 years 13% 50%
<2 years 83% 11%
Average age: 24 30

Combined On-Campus and MPA@UNC Academic Scores

Average GPA: 3.54

Average GRE test scores:





Analytical Writing: 68%

Graduation and Employment

During the 2014 - 2015 academic year twenty-seven students (all on-campus) were eligible for graduation and all twenty-seven did so. Of those graduates, all were employed within six months of graduation. That information, broken down by sector follows:

Student Profiles

(Twenty-seven students [all on-campus] entered the  MPA program in Fall 2010. Twenty-five of them graduated in 2 years. One student [registered as a dual-degree student] graduated in 3 years with both a MPA and a MILS. The final student dropped out of the program in December of 2010.)

Professional Work Experience

During the 2014 - 2015 academic year twenty-eight students (all on-campus) were required to complete a professional work experience (practicum). All twenty- eight students did so. That information, broken down by sector follows:

Student Profiles

The residential MPA program at UNC-Chapel Hill enrolls up to 30 students each year from a variety of backgrounds. A few of our students are profiled below: