A Day in the Life of a Vice President of Operations

Examples from the schedule of Barbara Gunn, Senior Vice President for Operations and Government Relations, American Museum of Natural History
Check voice mail for any urgent messages
This could include a work project that needs attention or a personal issue for an employee, such as a problem with insurance
Meeting re temporary exhibits
Talk with people who build and plan all the temporary exhibits in the museum
Goal-setting session
Meeting with head of security for museum
Go over a new five-year program to secure collections in the public hall and review latest security technology
Phone calls and planning session
Subcommittee meeting
Meet with board subcommittee to review capital budget and review where to commit funds secured from the city
Meeting about new project: GPS system
Meet with GPS project director about plans for a wayfinding system for visitors to the museum, using BlackBerry or other device to help visitors not get lost in vast museum. Review status on new Wi-Fi system and potential software systems.
Meeting about phone system
Update on new automated phone system
Work on event planning system
Develop new tracking system for reserving space for events that utilize museum spaces after hours
Work on strategic plan
Evening event: opening of temporary exhibit
At least two evening events per month: fundraising event or exhibit openings