Jean D. Coble Scholarship Endowment


Jean Coble
Jean Coble

Help Jean realize her long- standing goal of providing scholarship support to as many MPA students as possible. Please give now.


This scholarship is awarded annually to an entering MPA student.

This scholarship was established in 2005 by the MPA Alumni Association in honor of Jean Coble’s 18 years of distinguished and dedicated service as MPA program manager and total of 32 years of service to the University of North Carolina. Jean’s door was always open to students, alumni, and faculty and the entire MPA family has benefited from her longtime and heartfelt commitment to the MPA program.

During her time at the MPA program, Jean Coble created order out of chaos, eked abundance out of constrained budgets, and conceived a garden from an idea. Jean dispensed her wisdom to hundreds of students, faculty, and alumni from across the University. She guided MPA students from orientation through Capstone presentations and into their careers. She advised, nurtured, and when necessary, chastised two generations of MPA students. Her dedication to the program's mission has undoubtedly enriched the public sector in North Carolina.

Jean continues to work as with the MPA program as external relations coordinator, advising, nurturing, and supporting alumni and students as she develops the MPA scholarship program.

“Jean’s door is always open. She has counseled students and faculty, hosted picnics and parties, and shown her care for MPA students, faculty, and staff by putting us first as she dealt with all those other challenges. Efficient, yes. Impersonal, no. Jean has consistently looked for sensitive ways to lead us through bureaucratic mazes. What a privilege and pleasure it has been to work with her!”
—Gordon Whitaker, Professor of Public Administration, School of Government