Michele M. Hoyman

Associate Professor of Political Science

Areas of Expertise

Public sector labor relations; rural economic development; gender and arbitration; regional variations in NLRB outcomes


Michele Hoyman is a professional arbitrator with more than 20 years of experience. She has published in labor journals such as Industrial and Labor Relations Review. Her most recent research focuses on gender and arbitration, and prisons as rural economic development trophies. She is on the editorial board of Review of Public Personnel Administration. Hoyman holds a PhD from the University of Michigan.

Selected publications

Brennan, J., Paarlberg, L., & Hoyman, M. (2014). Testing the relationship between nonprofit organizations and economic development. Nonprofit Policy Forum, 5(1): 45-65.

(Co-Author with J. McCall). Not Imminent in my Domain!:  County Manager Attitudes TowardsEminent Domain in North Carolina. Public Administration Review, 70(6): 885-893, 2010.

(Co-Author with C. Faricy). It Takes a Village:A Test of the Creative Class, Social Capital andHuman Capital Theories.Urban Affairs Review, Vol 44, No. 3, 2009.

M. Hoyman, Stallworth, L., and D. Kershaw. 2010. “The decision making of labor arbitrators indiscipline and discharge cases where a grievant offers an apology: A policy capturing study”

In Standuhar, P.et. al. (Eds.), Dispute Resolution in the Workplace: The Proceedings of the National Academy of Arbitrators,Volume 63, 2010, Washington, DC: The Bureau of National Affairs. 

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